Kevin SandersWeb Designer
Swindon, UK

About Me

Kevin Sanders

UPDATE: I now run my own web design agency near Swindon. Find out more

Like many people I started out in web design as a self-taught secondary school student looking for an excuse not to study. Never content with spending hours sat in front of a computer with nothing to show for it I took to making websites as a more productive use of my time.

If you want something done properly...

Over the years I have built up several websites of my own, the most successful of which is my pet-project The Daft Club. I had been searching for a fan site for my favourite band, Daft Punk, to join but wasn't happy with what was out there. Rather than settle for second best I decided I could build something of my own that was better – so I did.

From my hobbies to my professional work this is an ethos I strive to achieve. I am always looking for the most efficient way of doing something and doing the best I can.

My Calling...

Of all the areas within "web design", the part I take to best is converting a design into a fully functioning web page. The code that lies behind a website has to be perfect for the design and the content to work, so I am always looking to make my code as clean and efficient as I can. I am particularly interested in the new opportunities offered by HTML5 and the semantic web.

And also...

My other passion in life is music. Whether listening or playing it's something that I could not live without. Having played in several bands I am very much interested in working with artists to create their websites.